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FN-BC20 MP3 Sound Board for KITT Replica Cars 20 Buttons Triggered MP3 Soundboard

FN-BC20 is a high quality MP3 sound board designed for KITT replica cars. Equipped with an on-board 2 x 15 W class D amplifier, the sound board can be controlled by 20 separate buttons hooked up to the ‘one-on-one’ inputs terminals. Also it supports UART serial port control mode and RS485 serial port control mode. Great audio output, industry-grade design and strong anti-jamming capability make it possible to be used for many different applications.


1. Built-in a high quality 24bit of audio decoder with stereo audio output.

2. Supports to play audio files of MP3 and WAV formats.

3. On-board a high quality 2x15 Watt class D amplifier to directly connect with two 8 ohm speakers of 15Watts or more, for left channel and right channel.

4. Uses SD card or USB flash drive for sound file storage devices.

5. Supports maximum 32GB SD card or 32GB USB flash drive.

6. Supports button control mode, RS232 and RS485 serial control mode.

7. In button control mode, playback of the ‘one-on-one' associated audio files are triggered by negative pulse to any of the 20 input terminals.

8. In button control mode, possible playback of 255 MP3/WAV audio files per 20 ‘one-on-one’ associated folders through negative trigger.

9. In button control mode, four selectable triggering modes are provided. 

10. Supports audio output to an external amplifier through the 3.5mm audio jack.

11. Separate volume control for each sound channel (only for on-board amplifier).

12. On-board relay used to control on/off to external equipment during playback.

13. Wide range for power input DC (12V - 24V).

14. Industry-grade design and strong anti-jamming capability.

15. PCB size: 110mm x 65 mm.


Technical Parameters

1.  Power input: DC12-24V

2.  Rated output: 2x15W (RL= 8Ω d=1%)

3. Noise Voltage: ≤50mV

4. Frequency response: 20-20KHz

5. SNR:≥ 90dB


Connection Example

K1 through K20 are representing Normally Open (N.O.) manual buttons. Please refer to the connection example below.






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