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FN-M981 MP3 Player Board Audio Decoder Module


1. High quality MP3 player with a on-board 3W mono amplifier(up to 3W using 5V power supply), which 

    can directly drive a speaker(4ohms/3W speaker recommended). 

2. Equipped with a 3.5mm gold plated headphone jack that is able to connect with a headphone or an

    external amplifier.

3. Uses micro SD card and USB flash disk for the storage devices.

4. Supports max. 32GB micro SD card and max.32GB USB flash disk.

5. Automatically plays MP3 files from micro SD card or USB flash disk when it is powered on.

6. 4 functional buttons "Prev/V--", "Next/V++", "P/P Mode" and "Repeat".

7. Powered via a 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery or a DC5V power supply through the micro USB port.

8. Also possible to charge for the lithium battery through the micro USB port.

9. Superior sound quality and easy wiring.

10. PCB size: 45mmx36mm


Button Operating Instructions

MP3 Decoder Board.jpg

Button "Prev / V--": Shot press for switching to previous song, and long press for volume down

Button "Next/v++": Shot press for switching to next song, and long press for volume up.

Button "P / P / Mode": Short press for Play/Pause, and long press for switching reading songs between 

                                micro SD card and USB flash disk when both of the devices are connected to the 

                                player at the same time.

Button "Repeat": Short press for switching repeat modes between “Single Repeat” and “All Repeat”(no 

                         long press for this button)



1. If you use a USB flash disk, we suggest you use 5V power supply, because some USB flash disks 

  don’t support 3.7V power supply.

2. When either a micro SD card or a USB flash disk is installed, the player directly plays songs from the 

   micro SD card or the USB flash disk directly. When both devices are installed, you need to manually  

   choose one of both devices through the button "P/P/Mode".

3. When the player is powered on, the default repeat mode is "All Repeat". Press the button "Repeat" to 

   switch to the mode "Single Repeat" if in need.




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