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FN-RM03 Serial Voice Recorder and MP3 Player Module

FN-RM03 is a high-quality audio recorder and player module, which supports microphone recording and audio decoding (MP3 and WMA). Simple serial communication control mode is the main advantage of this module, which can meet kinds of needs from customers.

1. Supports microphone (mono) audio recording mode.
2. Supports AD key control mode(play/pause, next, previous, record, and stop).
3. Supports standard UART serial communication control mode.
4. Supports playback of MP3 and WAV formats audio files, with great sound quality.
5. Supports up to 32Khz sampling rate of high-quality WAV audio recording.
6. Supports USB sound card mode.
7. Use micro SD card and USB flash drive as the storage devices; supports max 32GB micro SD card and
    32GB USB flash drive. 
8. Supports FAT or FAT32 file systems. 
9. Can freely replace sound files in the micro SD card through USB connection. 
10. Built-in 1W amplifier that can direct drive 8Ω / 1W speaker.
11. 32 levels adjustable sound volume. 
12. DC 5V power supply. 


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