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FN-SL03 Sound and Light Alarm for Forklifts Industrial Audible and Visual Alarm Siren Speaker


1. 30 Watts siren speaker with a warning light. When a sound is playing, the warning light turns on simultaneously.

2. Built-in a high quality MP3 player with great sound quality.

3. Equipped with a 8MB flash memory that can store about 8 minutes long MP3 format files (128Kbps).

4. Equipped with a micro SD slot on the internal circuit board, and supports max. 32GB micro SD card.

5. Load MP3 files to the internal memory easily through connecting the attached USB cable to computer. It works like a USB drive on computer.

6. Can be activated to play a sound and turn on the light by negative triggering or inputting a pulse signal (low level) .

7. Able to download multiple audio files onto the memory.

8. Supports two trigger modes (play next file and play a file in random) after each activation when there are multiple files.

9. Can be controlled by a button, switch, relay, PIR sensor, or an equipment with alarm output.

10. Sound volume is adjustable. 

11. Industry grade design and stable performance.


1. Working voltage: DC 12-24V

2. Working current: ≤3000mA

3. Power consumption: ≤30W

4. Flash memory size: 8Mbytes

5. Audio format: MP3 format 32Kbps-192Kbps

6. Frequency response: 70Hz-12KHz

7. Sound level: 110dB

8. Protection class: IP44





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