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FN-SL03 Sound and Light Alarm for Forklifts Industrial Audible and Visual Alarm Siren Speaker


1. 30 Watts siren speaker with a warning light. When a sound is playing, the warning light turns on simultaneously.

2. Built-in a high quality MP3 player with great sound quality.

3. Equipped with a 8MB flash memory that can store about 8 minutes long MP3 format files (128Kbps).

4. Equipped with a micro SD slot on the internal circuit board, and supports max. 32GB micro SD card.

5. Load/record MP3 files easily through connecting the internal circuit board to computer. It works like a USB drive on computer.

   -The back cover needs to be taken away first.

6. Can be activated to play a sound and turn on the light by negative triggering or inputting a pulse signal (low level) .

7. Able to download multiple audio files onto the memory.

8. Supports two trigger modes (play next file and play a file in random) after each activation when there are multiple files.

9. Can be controlled by a button, switch, relay, PIR sensor, or an equipment with alarm output.

10. Sound volume is adjustable. 

11. Industry grade design and stable performance.


1. Working voltage: DC 12-24V

2. Working current: ≤3000mA

3. Power consumption: ≤30W

4. Flash memory size: 8Mbytes

5. Audio format: MP3 format 32Kbps-192Kbps

6. Frequency response: 70Hz-12KHz

7. Sound level: 110dB

8. Protection class: IP44

View of the Internal Circuit Board

Examples of Wiring

1. Connection with a button/switch/relay

2. Connection with an infrared sensor or an equipment with alarm output (low pulse signal 0-3.3V)


Note: When you connect an infrared sensor in this way, please check the allowed power range, just in case the

sensor would be burned.




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