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FNM-802 Weatherproof PIR Motion Sensor Activated Audio Player for Outdoor Use


1. Adopts PIR detection technology and automatically plays the sound file when a human body is detected.

2. The valid detection distance of the PIR sensor is 0-6 meters, and the detection angle is 120 degrees.  

3. Built-in a high quality MP3 player with high audio reproduction. 

4. Able to record/update the sound files through the micro USB port.

5. Equipped with a 512MB SD memory on the internal MP3 player by default (supports max. 32GB).

6. Supports to store multiple sound files in the memory and play one of the tracks after each activation. 

7. Internal 20 Watts power amplifying circuit to ensure the sound output is loud and clear.  

8. Volume is adjustable through the potentiometer on the housing.

9. Uses a solid and durable aluminum housing of waterproof class IPX6. 

10. 12V DC power input and possible to use a 12V battery(we provide the power adapter only).  

11. Easy installation and it works so long the power is up. No need any other operations. 

12. Dimensions: 315 x 152 x 90mm


Technical Parameters

1. Woring voltage: 12V DC

2. Working current: ≤1000mA

3. Standby current: ≤40mA

4. Rated audio power output: 20Watts

5. Audio format: MP3

6. PIR distance: ≤ 6m(120° of range)


Application Occasions

Parks, gardens, squares, swimming pools, golf courses, airports, stadiums, school playgrounds,and so on.







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