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FN-A501 Programmable MP3 Siren Horn Recordable MP3 Alarm Siren Speaker

FN-A501 is a high quality MP3 alarm siren horn with 4 trigger input wires. It has a built-in MP3 player sound board with15W class D amplifier. Loud volume, rainproof and dustproof. It can be used for many applications.


1. Built-in a high quality MP3 player with great sound quality.

2. Equipped with a 4MB flash memory and a micro SD slot on the internal circuit board.

3. Load MP3 files to the flash memory easily through connecting the micro USB port with computer. It works like a USB drive on computer.

4. With four trigger input cables (orange, yellow, blue, and green), as well as a common cable (black).

5. Able to play four one-on-one sound messages.

6. Able to set the four trigger inputs working as Next, Previous, Play/Pause, and Stop through a config file.

7. Equipped with a high quality 15 watts class D amplifier IC for a loud sound output.

8. Adjustable sound volume and wide range power input.

9. Dimensions: 79x76x100(mm)

Technical Parameters

1. Working voltage: DC 9-24V

2. Woring Current: 1000mA

3. Playback current: ≤400mA(INPUT: DC12V)

4. Power Consumption: ≤15W

5. Memory size: 4Mbytes

6. Audio format: MP3 format 32Kbps-320Kbps

Operation Guide for Sound Files Uploading

1). Before uploading sound files into the speaker, you need to use a cross screwdriver to take it apart as picture shown below.

Also remove the screw at the middle of the board, and get the board to front side.

2). See the illustration below on the MP3 player board.

3). Now choose a storage device between the on-board flash memory and micro SD card to upload your MP3 sound files. If the total capacity of your 4 MP3 sound files is less than 4MB, you can choose to use the flash memory directly, and if it is larger than 4MB, then choose to use a micro SD card instead. The micro USB port as you see above is used for connecting the on-board flash memory to PC though a USB cable. Just like using a USB flash drive, you can load and delete sound files easily. If there is a micro SD card detected, it always work with the micro SD card.

4). The player automatically matches which sound file associates with which trigger among of 4 based on the physical index sequence. In another word, the sound file that is the first to be put in the memory is going to work with trigger 1, and the sound file that is last one to be put in the memory is going to work with trigger 4. Before the sound files are put in the memory, you can also rename the MP3 sound files as 001.mp3, 002.mp3, 003.mp3, and 004.mp3, and make sure they are ranked one by one by physical sequence.

5). After everything above is done, assemble the parts back carefully. When it is powered on, it works normally.

Schematic of Connection






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