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FN-ST11 Recordable MP3 Sound Box for Stuffed Animals


1. Built in a high quality MP3 player with good sound quality.

2. One push button activation.

3. Supports 6 different playback modes. 

4. Set a playback mode and volume level through a config file. 

5. Equipped with a 4MB flash memory, which supports to load max. 4 minutes long MP3 files (128Kbps).

6. Update MP3 files via USB on computer.

7. Powered by 3 x AAA batterries.

8. Dimensions: 48mm x 60mm x 26mm

9. USB port: To connect to the computer and pop up a "U disk" to download audio files. The music format is MP3. There is no requirement for the file name. Multiple audio files can be stored, as long as the files do not exceed the internal memory.10. Button: Play music, there are 6 modes can be set, the playback mode and volume are created by creating a TXT file in the memory, and naming it "CONFIG.TXT", by changing the parameters of this file, you can set the volume and the button to playback mode.




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