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FN-M2A PIR Motion Sensor Activated Audio Player for POP Displays and Point of Sales

1. Adopts a PIR motion sensor that can detect max. 3.5 meters distance.
2. When it detects a moving human body, the device automatically plays back a sound message.
3. Built-in 4MBytes flash memory and supports max. 32GB micro SD card as well.
4. Supports to store multiple audio files on the memory, and if there are multiple audio files it plays next track in order after each activation from the PIR.
5. Load audio files onto the flash memory through the micro USB port, which is connected with a computer.
6. The on-board flash memory or micro SD card works as a USB flash drive on computer.
7. Built-in 3W class D mono audio amplifier.
8. Equipped with a good quality round speaker box.
9. Adjustable 6-level volume through pressing the volume button repeatedly.
10. Equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack that is able to be connected with an external amplifier or active speaker.
11. Busy signal output available that is able to work with a relay to control other external equipment like LED light, motor, etc.
12. Design with low power consumption and suitable to supply power using a 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery or 3 x AA / 3 x AAA alkaline batteries.
13. Supports to supply power directly through the micro USB port as well using an phone charger (5V 1A power adapter).
14. Equipped with charging circuits and it is possible to charge the attached lithium battery through the micro USB port.
15. The length of the wire between the board and the PIR sensor is about 18cm.
16. PCB size: 40mm x 37mm
17. Diameter of the speaker box: 58mm
18. Height of the speaker box: 28mm

Technical Parameters
1. Working voltage: 3.7-5V DC
2. Working current: ≤200mA
3. Standby current: ≤30uA
4. Power Consumption: ≤3W
5. On-board flash memory size: 4MBytes
6. Audio format: MP3 or WAV
7. Distance of PIR detection: ≤3.5 meters
8. Detection angle: 120 degrees

Introduction of Main Board


1. When the device is playing a sound, the Busy port outputs a signal in high level 3.3V.
2. When the device is powered with a phone charger (5V 1A power adapter) through the micro USB port, the ON/OFF switch is ineffective.




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