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FNM-705 PIR Motion Sensor Activated Audio Player Voice Announcer


1. Uses a high grade silver aluminum enclosure with a set of mounting bracket.

2. Adopts the passive infrared detection technology, and the detection range is up to 5 meters.

3. Built-in a high quality MP3 player with great audio output.

4. Supports micro SD card(TF card) and the internal flash memory(4MB) for the storage.

5. Supports two types triggering modes: single repeat mode and all loop repeat mode.

  -Single repeat mode: plays back the same audio file after each triggering.     

  -All loop repeat mode: plays back the next audio file in a loop after each triggering.

6. Equipped with a potentiometer for power-on/off and volume adjustment.   

7. Built-in a 20W loudspeaker to make sure there is a loud enough volume.

8. With an audio output port, it's possible to connect with an external loudspeaker.

9. Dimensions: 163mmx123mmx46mm


Technical Parameters




Operational Panel




1. As an automatic interpreter applied in museums, galleries, exhibition halls, etc.

2. Advertising in shopping malls, chain shops, supermarkets, elevators, etc. 

3. As a voice announcer to deliver voice messages in banks, factories, schools, hosptitals, etc.

4. Voice guidance for blind people in public areas.

5. As an audio reminder at home for people suffering from amnesia.

6. As a voice alarm to warn people in some special occasions.







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