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FNM-706 PIR Motion Sensor Activated Audio Player Motion Activated Voice Prompter


1. Adopts an exquisite metal enclosure of aluminum alloy.

2. Equipped with a high quality audio player.

3. Equipped with a PIR motion sensor to trigger audio playback, and the detection range is up to 5 meters.

4. Plays back an audio file from the inserted USB stick or the internal flash memory after each activation from the PIR sensor.

5. Built-in 4MB SPI flash memory by default, and able to copy audio files from USB stick to the internal flash memory.

6. Supports two work modes: all repeat mode and single repeat mode.

7. Adjustable sound volume through pressing the buttons.

8. Built-in 10W class D amplifier and the sound output is loud and beautiful.

9. Able to connect to an external amplifier / active speaker through the 3.5mm audio jack.

10. Solid and durable. Easy to install.

11. Dimension: 130*118*34.5(mm)

Technical Parameters

1. Power Input: 12V DC

2. Working Current: 1000mA

3. Standby State  ≤10mA

4. Playing State  ≤500mA

5. Audio Format:  MP3/ WAV

6. Audio Ouput Power:  8Ω/10W

7. Detection Range:  ≤5m   (120°angle)


1. As an automatic interpreter applied in museums, galleries, exhibition halls, etc.

2. Advertising in shopping malls, chain shops, supermarkets, elevators, etc.

3. As a voice announcer to deliver voice messages in banks, factories, schools, hosptitals, etc.

4. Voice guidance for blind people in public areas.

5. As an audio reminder at home for people suffering from amnesia.

6. As a voice alarm to warn people in some special occasions.




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