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FNM-803 Rainproof PIR Motion Activated Audio Player Outdoor PIR Sensor Activated Sound Player


1. Weatherproof and dustproof, suitable for outdoor purposed application scenarios.

2. Adopts passive infrared detection technology.

3. Detection distance of the PIR motion sensor is up to 5 meters.

4. Detection angle of the PIR motion sensor is 120 degrees fan-wise.

5. Built-in a high quality MP3 player with 4GB flash memory.

6. Built-in a class D 20 Watts amplifier and the sound quality is great.

7. Load single MP3 file or multiple MP3 files onto the player on PC through USB connection.

8. Optional to play a sound in order or in random after each activation when multiple files available.

9. Sound volume is adjustable through turning the potentiometer at the bottom of the device.

10. Powered through a DC9-24V supply.

Technical Parameters

1. Working Voltage: 9-24V DC

2. Working Current: ≤ 2000mA

3. Standby Current: ≤ 10mA

4. Audio Format: MP3(Bit rate: 8-192Kbps)

5. Audio Output Power: ≤ 20Watts

6. Detection Range: ≤ 5 m (120 ° angle)




Easy to Update Audio Files


Example of Connection with a Power Supply







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