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FNP-701A PIR Motion Sensor Activated Audio Player

Working Mechanism

When the PIR sensor detects a moving human body, the device automatically plays a sound message till the end.


1. Adopts a durable wall-mounted sound box .

2. Equipped with a high quality audio player.

3. Equipped with a PIR motion sensor to trigger audio playback, and the detection range is up to 5 meters.

4. Plays back an audio file from the inserted USB stick or SD card after each activation from the PIR sensor.

5. Built-in 4MB SPI flash memory, and able to copy audio files from the USB stick or SD card to the internal flash memory.

6. Supports two work modes: all repeat mode and single repeat mode.

7. Adjustable sound volume through pressing the buttons.

8. Built-in 20W class D amplifier and the sound output is loud and beautiful.

10. Easy to operate and simple to install.

Technical Parameter

1. Working Voltage: 12V-24V DC

2. Working Current:  ≤2000mA

3. Standby Current: ≤40mA

4. Detection Distance: ≤5 meters

5. Audio Format: MP3


270 x 180 x 130mm

Operational Panel




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