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PIR-002 External PIR Motion Sensor Passive Infrared Human Moving Detector

This product is a high stability passive infrared sensor. It has adopted advanced signal processing technology to provided super high detection capability and anti error alarm. When a human body is detected, it outputs a low-level signal, which is suitable for various alarm equipment.

Technical Specs:

  • Operating voltage: DC 5-24V

  • Current consumption: ≤10mA (DC 12V)

  • Standby current: ≤60uA

  • Level output: 0V (3.3V at standby)

  • Delay time: 3S

  • Detecting distance: ≤6m

  • Detecting angle: 120

  • Diameter of the Lens: 23mm

  • Outline size: 52L*36W*23H mm

  • Diameter of the mounting hole: 2.5mm

  • Length of the cable: 45cm

  • Operating temperature: -20C to +50C




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