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FN-W201 Triggerable Audio Player MP3 Wall Speaker

FN-W101 is an audio player with 4 trigger input terminals and built-in 20W class D amplifier. Multiple trigger modes can be set through a config file easily. Great sound quality and loud volume.


1. Equipped with a high quality MP3 player with great sound quality.

2. Built-in a 4MB flash memory by default, which is able to store total of 4 minutes MP3 files of 128Kbps. 

3. Update sound files to the internal  flash memory easily through the micro USB port based on PC.

4. Play the sound files by negative triggering/low level signal. 

5. 4 different trigger modes available. 

6. Can be controlled by buttons, switches or relays.

7. Built-in a 20watts class D amplifier for a loud sound output.

8. Sound volume can be set in a configuration file. 

9. Wide power input(9-24V DC) and stable performance.

Technical Parameters

1. Working voltage: DC 9V-24V

2. Working current: ≤800mA (Input: DC12V)

3. Power Consumption: ≤20W

4. Flash memory size: 4MB

5. Audio format: MP3/WAV



Examples of Wiring Connection

1. Connection for Normal Use


2. Connection for Automatic Playback When Powered On





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