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FN-AL7TR 15 Key Remote MP3 Player 433MHz Radio Remote Audio Player Voice Announcer


1. Uses a 433MHz radio remote control, and the remote distance can be up to 100 meters in open area.

2. Built-in a high quality audio decorder IC.

3. Supports to play audio files of MP3 and WAV format.

4. Built-in 8MB flash memory and equipped with a micro SD slot and USB connector.

5. Supports maximum 32GB micro SD card and 32GB USB pen drive.

6. On-board high quality mono 10 Watts class D amplifier.

7. Supports to direct play 999 audio files through pressing numeric keys on the remote control.

8. Supports single loop playback, all loop playback and random playback modes.

9. Possible to update audio files via the micro USB port connected to computer.

10. With the features of paly/pause, volume up, volume down, next and previous.

11. Wide range for power input DC (12V - 40V).

12. Industry-grade design and strong anti-jamming capability.


Technical Parameters

1. Working voltage: DC 12V-40V

2. Working current: ≤2000mA

3. Power Consumption: ≤10W

4. Audio format: MP3/WAV

5. Remote distance: ≤100m

Dimensions of the Audio Player




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