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FN-BC10 MP3 Sound Board Serial MP3 Player

FN-BC10 is a 10 button triggered MP3 player sound board. It also supports UART serial control mode. Equipped with a mono 3 watts amplifier and a stereo 3.5mm audio output jack.


1. Uses a high quality audio decoder, supports MP3 and WAV audio formats.

2. Sampling rates supported: 8/11.025/12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48(KHz).

3. 24 bit DAC output and supports dynamic range 90dB and SNR 85dB.

4. Supports one-on-one 10 button trigger control mode and RS232 serial port control mode.

5. In button control mode, it can play back one-on-one 10 sound files, and it also can play multiple sound files in 

random order on per button.  

6. Built-in a 8MBytes(64Mbits) SPI flash memory and supports max. 32GB micro SD card as well.

7. Load audio files to the flash memory/micro SD card directly via the micro USB port connecting with computer. The flash memory/micro SD card works as a USB flash drive on computer.

8. Equipped with a mono 3 watts amplifier that can drive a 1-3 watts(4-8 ohms) speaker directly.

9. Equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack for stereo output that can drive a headphone directly or connect with an external amplifier.

10. Supports detection of indication signal of status change through the Busy output.

11. Adjustable sound volume through the potentiometer.

12. 5V DC power input. Also possible to use 5V power adapter or power bank to supply the power via the micro USB port.

13. 5V power output available that can supply power to an external device.

14. PCB size: 40mmx40mm


Technical Parameters

1. Working voltage: 5V DC

2. Working current: ≤250mA 

3. Power Consumption: ≤3W

4. On-board flash memory size: 8MBytes (64Mbits) 

5) Audio format: MP3 and WAV


Example of Connection






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