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FN-T418 Low Power Consumption MP3 Player Module

FN-T418 is a low power consumption MP3 player sound module, which has 4 trigger input terminals and supports multiple trigger modes.


1. Supports earlier Windows, Windows 10 and Apple Mac operating systems. 

2. Equipped with a high quality audio decoder.

3. Built-in a 8MB flash memory, which is able to store total of 8 minutes long MP3 files of 128Kbps. 

4. Update audio files easily through the micro USB port connected to PC using a USB cable. It works like a USB drive on computer.

5. 4 button trigger inputs available(K1-K4).

6. Able to play four audio files one-on-one via four buttons.

7. Able to play multiple audio files on per button.

8. Supports 7 trigger modes, and each mode can be set in a configuration file. 

9. Built-in a class D 3Watts amplifier IC and a 3.5mm audio jack for stereo output. 

10. Directly drives a 0.5Watts to 3Watts(4ohms to 8ohms) speaker.

11. Volume is adjustable through adjusting the blue potentiometer. 

12. No power consumption when the module is not being used. 

13. Suitable to be powered via 3xAA, 3xAAA batteries or a Li-ion battery. 

14. Great sound quality and stable performance.

15. PCB size: 50mm x 34mm

Technical Parameters

1. Working voltage: 3.7-5V DC

2. Consumption current at playback: ≤100mA (tested with a 1Watt 8ohms speaker) 

3. Stanby current: 0uA

4. Flash memory size: 8Mbytes

5. Audio format: MP3/WAV





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