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FN-MD01 Modbus RTU Audio Player RS485 Modbus MP3 Player with 20W Class D Amplifier

FN-MD01 is a high quality serial audio player launched by Flyron Technology Co., Ltd. This device supports RS485 serial communication and adopts Modbus RTU standard protocol, which can be used in industrial control, power communication, smart instrumentation and other fields. It supports for changing audio files via USB, and users can do it easily on computer, which is convenient and fast. It also has the characteristics of stable and reliable performance, high value, reusable and easy to use.


1. Adopts RS485 Modbus RTU communication protocol.

2. Built-in 8MB SPI flash memory by default, and supports max. 16MB SPI flash memory.

3. Update audio files via the type-B USB port on computer.

-It works as a USB flash drive on computer. No need any program.

4. Equipped with a class D 20 watts amplifier that can drive a max. 20watts speaker directly.

5. Adjustable sound volume through the potentiometer.

6. Wide range for power input (9-24V DC).

Technical Parameters

Operating Voltage


Operating Current


Operating temperature


Output Power


Audio Format

MP3 (bit rate ≤ 192Kbps)

Communication Mode

Modbus RTU Serial Communication Protocol

Memory Size

8MB (by default)

Modbus RTU Serial Communication

This product supports Modbus RTU serial communication based on RS485, and the default baud rate is 9600. Because of its binary representation and compact data structure, Modbus RTU has high communication efficiency and it is widely used in industrial occasions.

Factory default settings:

Default RS485 address: 01

Default volume level: 30 (maximum)

Default baud rate: 9600

Communication Format

Data bits: 8; Stop bits: 1; Error detection: CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check)



Data start

reg hi

Data start

reg lo

Data #of regs hi

Data #of regs lo











Address code (1 byte), function code (1 byte), start address (2 bytes), data (2 bytes), check code (2 bytes)

Addr: slave address

Fun: function code

Data start reg hi: data start address-register high byte

Data start reg lo: data start address-register low byte

Data #of reg hi: number of data read-register high byte

Data #of reg lo: number of data read - register low byte

CRC16_H: Cyclic redundancy check high byte

CRC16_L: Cyclic redundancy checklow byte

Format: address code + function code + register address (upper 8 bits) + register address (lower 8 bits) + data (upper

8bits) + data (lower 8bits) + check code (lower 8bits) + check code (upper 8bits)




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