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FN-RM02 Mini Voice Recorder Module MP3 Audio Recorder Module

FN-RM02 is a high quality MP3 recorder module. Great recording quality. Small size and easy to use.


1. One button activation.

2. Equipped with a high quality sensitive microphone.

3. MP3 format recording files will be automatically generated and stored in a folder named "REC_FILE" on a micro SD card.

4. Supports max. 32GB micro SD card and supports FAT32 format file system.

5. Recording name is like JREC0001, JREC0002......JREC9999 (supports max. 9999 recording files).

6. Equipped with a LED indicator. It turns on during recording and turns off when it stops recording.

7. Powered via a battery or a rechargeable lithium battery(3.7V or 4.2V) which is charged with a DC5V power source.

8. Audio recorder only. No player function.

9. Dimensions: 20mm(L)*17mm(W)*4.5mm(H)

Technical Parameters

1. Power supply mode: Lithium battery

2. Charging voltage: DC5V

3. Charging current: 300mA

4. Recording current: 10mA

5. Standby current: ≤10uA

6. Bit rate of MP3 recordings: 128Kbps

Micro SD Slot: Insert a micro SD card(FAT32 file system preferable).

Recording Button: Long press by 3 seconds to start recording and short press by 1 second to stop recording.

Microphone: To collect voice information and pass to the processor.

Battery(+)&Battery(-): To connect with a3.7V or 4.2V lithium battery.

Power(-)&Power(+): To connect with an external DC 5V power source to charge the lithium battery or direct supply power to the module.

Note: The recording files are NOT with encryption feature!!!




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