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FNP-704 Talking Motion Sensor Mini PIR Motion Sensor Activated Audio Player Motion Activated Speaker Sound Box


1. Small and exquisite with MP3 high quality audio output.

2. Adopts a PIR motion sensor to trigger audio playback, and detection range is up to 4 meters.

3. Built-in 4Mbytes flash memory that can store about 200 seconds of MP3 files (128Kbps).

4. Update audio files on computer using a USB data cable. It works like a USB flash drive on computer. No need any PC software.

5. Supports two triggering modes: all loop repeat mode and single repeat mode.

6. Built in 1W 8ohm speaker. Sound is clear and loud.

7. Two-level sound volume adjustment.

8. Supports two power supply modes: 3 pieces AAA alkaline batteries or an external power adapter through the micro USB port.

9. Mouting holes are available on the back, and with a holder it's easy to install.

10. Dimension: 60mmx95mmx31mm

Technical Parameters

1. Working Voltage: 3.7-5V DC

2. Working Current: ≤150mA

3. Standy Current: 30uA

4. Distance of Detection: ≤4 meters

5. Angle of Detection: 120 degrees




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